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Von: Mikael Jakobsen
Gesendet: Dienstag, 27. November 2001 23:55
Betreff: Good news from Denmark.

Dear friends.

Here in Denmark we have got a new government today. The old windfanatics has been removed and the new politicians in power, seems to have a more realistic attitude to turbines.

The subsidiaries will be removed. According to the new minister of finance, Thor Pedersen - Venstre, it will not happen at once, but slowly over the years as follows:

Turbines build before January 2000 will be paid 0.60 DKR per KW/hour the next 10 years.After 2010 they will have to sell their power at market price.

Turbines build until 2003 will be paid 0.50 DKR per KW/hour. The information from the former ministry of Miljø og energi ( Environment and energy) doesn't say for how long.
The energy is no longer part of the minestery of environment but part of the Ministry of economics instead.

The bottom line is: After 20 years with subsidiaries, windpower will have to compete with other energy sources on equal terms.
Turbines build on land in Denmark and most of Europe, has absolutely no chance of producing power anyway near the current marketprice.
My opinion: Windpower as we know it, is on its way out of Denmark.


Mikael Jakobsen
Naboer til vindmøller ( Neighbors to windmills)